The Contrition of Forgiveness



Can your sins be forgiven? See, in my life there is a host of experiences in which I have forgiven someone, many people. This is because my heart is soft and I wished to follow God in doing what is right. I truly contemplate these things in depth.

I have determined that there are two class of people, those who accept and change their actions and those who justify their actions. The one, I have observed seek reconciliation, the latter often does not. This in a didactic sense could be viewed as those who chose the narrow path over the wide.

But my question isn’t whether God can forgive you, it is can your sins be forgiven. What I mean is this, forgiveness requires a change of mind, habits, actions, and of doing. It required contrition of spirit, it required from us remorse from our wrong thoughts and doings. It is not our calling to chase down those who have sinned against us, but to measure whether a heart is truly contrite, and act accordingly.

My soft heart has all to often chased down those who’ve hurt me, a willingness to restore what has been lost. This however is not what we are called to do, and may be rather detrimental to the development of Gods chastisement that brings a meaningful change into ones heart. I no longer chase down those who would seek cheap grace. All things work together for Good.  Continue reading